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Why everytime I launch wxDownload Fast, there always an error message that says:
"Failed to display HTML document in ISO-8859-1 encoding"?

This happen because the library wxWidgets used to build the wxDownload Fast was built without unicode support. To fix this, rebuild the wxWidgets with the options --enable-unicode, and then rebuild the wxDownload Fast.


Why when I minimize the wxDownload Fast, it disappear and cannot find?

If the program is started just calling the executable ($ wxdfast), a icon will appear on the system tray (some times called notification area). This works on Windows, Gnome, KDE and so on. If you for some reason don't use the notification area, the program should be started with the command: $ wxdfast --notray
With this option the program will go to the taskbar when it is minimized.


Why everytime I start the program I get a message box stating that "the password appears more than once in /config"?

This problem normally happen when the config file (wxDownload Fast.ini) is corrupted. To solve this, remove the config file (c:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\wxDownload Fast.ini), and add the downloads again. Don't worry in loose the pieces that you already downloaded. If you add the same files again, the program will use the pieces already downloaded.


Exist a Gentoo ebuild script for the wxDownload Fast?

Yes. A ebuild script created by the Gentoo comunity is available in


How to build the wxDownload Fast from the SVN ?

Follow this steps:

Look the README file for more informations.


What is the difference between the normal and the portable release?

The normal release was created to be installed on the computer, this way all the program configurations stay saved on the user folder(normally Documents and Settings\usuer).
The portable release was created to be used directly, without the need of installation. This way, it can be executed directly from pen drives. All the program configurations stay saved on the same folder as the program executable.